Using our skills to Bless refugee families

There are a lot of organizations doing things to help refugee families. Instead of having a broad-scope focus, we want to use our skills and passion to help families, particularly pregnant refugee women and moms with small children. We are moms with small children, and we are birth workers. It makes sense, right?

Classes and a baby shop

We offer childbirth education classes, breastfeeding classes, resources on parenting, and even help moms engage their small children through reading. Sometimes these classes are done in conjunction with our Mothers' Circle times. We also have a baby goods shop where refugee women can shop (at no cost) for baby items. For stories about the shop, read here

Mothers' circle

We are passionate about going deeper into the lives of women who have had their worlds turned upside down. We have meetings with women where we talk, tell stories about all of our lives, listen to one another, and learn from one another. Sometimes tea may be involved. Other times, it may be simply sitting outside together. We want to build community and help facilitate healing in addition to helping women transition to life here in America. 

Pregnancy pals

We pair American volunteers (you do not need to be pregnant to volunteer) with expecting refugee women, both during the pregnancy and early postpartum time. Our dream is for American women to come alongside of refugee women, meeting regularly to help with things like - showing a refugee woman the hospital, attending a prenatal appointment with her, helping her find baby supplies, and possibly attending the birth with her. We plan to offer training for volunteers interested in becoming a pregnancy pal - both cultural sensitivity training and a mini doula training. In the future, we would also like to train women from different cultures to be birth doulas and serve their own communities. 

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