Serving Refugee Women Throughout San Diego


New Life Maternity wants every pregnant refugee woman in San Diego to have healthy pregnancies, positive birth experiences, and a fulfilling journey with their baby afterwards. However, refugee women face many challenges when relocating to a new country and a pregnancy amidst these challenges can often be overwhelming. Many of these women have left traumatic life circumstances in their home countries, may not be able to communicate fluently (or at all) in English, are still learning about American culture, and have never navigated through the American healthcare system.

New Life Maternity is a network of people committed to supporting and empowering refugee women in San Diego through their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. We strive to find ways to make this a joyful, rich, and empowering time for every local refugee woman.

We currently do this through culturally relevant childbirth education classes, one-on-one mentorship with expectant refugee mothers and women from the community, a free baby goods store where mothers-to-be can stock their nursery with gently used donations, and Mothers' Circle time where we gather together to share stories about birth, parenting, and life.

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