The Need for Positive and Empowering Childbirth Education Classes

Ashura, 7 months pregnant with her first baby, visited our garage shop yesterday with friends. In a conversation regarding the pain of childbirth, she said, "In Africa, women say giving birth is both life AND death."

Being afraid of 'what it will feel like' is normal for any mom-to-be and it was obvious that was one of her main concerns. But we birth workers strive to move women past that- into a place where confidence and excitement can equally contend with the fear. So women can have satisfying birthing experiences, however that looks for them. So they can start motherhood off empowered. So bonds are strong, moms are healthy, and babies are well-loved.

The childbirth classes she was attending were too detailed with information that made her more afraid. "So many refugee women won't go to those classes because they cause us to worry."