The Need for American Friends

Pleased to announce... New Life Maternity has our first volunteer, meet Michelle! When she first called to ask more about "our organization" I told her it was really grassroots- like straight out of my garage grassroots. But I also mentioned the need. That even though we had only had 2 women come to the shop in the last month- I am certain there are many many more we could reach (we just need to find them!). I asked her if she'd go door-to-door in the neighborhood with me and Winnie, and hand out these nifty pamphlets I made. 

On that adventure we met Rosa, a young newly arrived refugee woman from the Congo, who is 7 months pregnant. Rosa only speaks Swahili- so we had a young boy walking by translate a conversation and then told her we'd come back in a few weeks to see her. She was enthusiastic and said we are welcome back anytime.

We went back today... with an early Christmas gift. It was a simple bag- but so meaningful when I think about the love that was inside: 
-1 beautiful rainbow blanket made by my mothers friend
-a pack of diapers and wipes our backyard neighbor donated
-fuzzy winter outfits bought new by Redeemer Presbyterian Church
-maternity clothes donated by about 5 different women

(Thank you for your donations!)

And we were able to share a little more about how we'd like to support her, through a one-on-one mentorship with our new volunter. Thanks Jacinta Nduta for translating our pamphlet into Swahili!

Rosa's English speaking friend Carolina stopped by- and was quite surprised to find us in the living room. "This is great!" she said "I have been here for 6 years and I do not have 1 American friend. I think what you are doing is very important. It is very difficult to find an American friend. But we have a lot to learn from you and you can learn a lot from us."

Then Rosa lifted her hands to the sky and said she thanks God for seeing her.