The Bond of Motherhood

Elisa found our website and signed up as a volunteer. She's officially our second volunteer. Today I introduced her to Kedija, a refugee from Ethiopia. We all sat in the garage and talked about motherhood, the USA, and Ethiopia.

Kedija loves it here saying "America is good". When we asked her 'why'- she had a lot of reasons. The one she returned to again and again was you don't have to worry every day that your children will be taken from you and turned into child soldiers. I think that's a pretty good reason to love America! And as Americans, do we expect mothers to stay in places where every day children in their neighborhood are being taken by militia?

Kedija has 6 children. When she mentioned breastfeeding always hurts her left upper back, we whipped out a donated breastfeeding pillow (which no one has been interested in up to this point) and Elisa demonstrated how to use this strange contraption while I took a picture. She liked the idea of it and brought one home. 
"But more than giving you things" I said "we want to have a friendship". She said, "this program is very nice, you know, it's from God I think. Many refugee women want this. You can come to my house anytime." Then she pointed at us both and said "I can teach you how to be mothers!"