Last week I had this thought: if I want my daughters to be women of faith, the practice of my faith ought to be more visible than invisible to them. I want them to grow up and marvel at how our family's life unfolds, knowing God because of it. How do we do this? I know oftentimes God is showcased when people's needs are met. 

New Life Maternity had some stroller requests last week of which we arranged meetings for- but we didn't actually have any give-away strollers. So I sat down with Winnie and asked her if she wanted to pray. We said a short earnest prayer for some strollers to come to us before our first arranged meeting today at 10:00. 

And guess what showed up at our house today at the 10:00 hour, randomly? A stroller! And guess what our neighbor had and wanted to give us today also at the 10:00 hour? Another stroller! On top of yesterday when a friend swung by to drop off a...stroller! 

God cares. God cares about the newly arrived Syrian family of 5 (they got a double stroller!) and the 17-year old Burmese mother and... you and me- whatever our "stroller" may be. 

I'm excited for my girls to learn this and see this. In the meantime we've got some stroller drop-offs to do!