Running into a Friend

 Notice that she is walking while balancing a carseat on her head!

Notice that she is walking while balancing a carseat on her head!

Winnie (15 months old) and I were sitting in our living room when she grabbed shoes for us both and pointed at the door. "I want to go!"
"Where do you want to go?" I asked. 
"I want to go!"
We put on the shoes and went outside and she went straight to our car and pointed. "I want up!" 
I wasn't planning on leaving the house but she was so resolute and we had a free afternoon so I put her in her car seat and started driving. "Where are we going?" I asked again. She looked excited. 

I drove for about a mile and then came up with my own mission: an oreo shake from Jack in the Box. I'm 35 weeks pregnant, this had yes written all over it. Except that I missed my turn and ended up on a random side street, and then had to stop and wait for a woman to very slowly cross the road. 

"She looks uncomfortable" I thought. "And very pregnant".
And then as she walked a little closer I noticed it was a woman one of the volunteers, Michelle Arthur and I made a home visit to. We've been trying to see her again but have been missing each other. 
I rolled my window down and she immediately recognized me. "Come with me!" I said. 

She got in my car and I took her to finish her errand, grocery shopping. While Winnie and I waited outside, I pulled out my google translate and asked it if she wanted to come shop for free baby goods in our garage shop. Just the day before Michele and I spent some time organizing the shop back into a presentable state. We got so many donations that week it looked a complete wreck, but on this day it looked good enough for a visitor. We dropped her huge bags of rice and flour off at her house first and then went straight to my house, marveling at the perfection of how this afternoon had been orchestrated. What appeared to be so random, commands by my 15 month old to 'get in a car and go!' was actually quite specific; the building of a friendship, seeds of trust being planted in a new land and some important items to welcome a new little life soon.