Reading Books

One of my American friends recently learned more about the challenges refugees face while relocating to a new city and she told me she wanted to help out in some way. I prayed about it for a week or two- not sure exactly what we needed- and then I came up with an idea which we are going to do today.

What I've noticed is a lot of refugee children that aren't yet going to school (usually 3 years old and younger) stay home instead and spend a lot of time watching TV.
There are no books in the house and they live in cultural enclaves, where no English is spoken. We've been reading to Winnie and Piper since they were born! Kids need this! And it's fun.

So we got a bunch of donated books and we are going to knock on doors and ask if people want their toddlers to hear stories. This could be kind of awkward or kind of great. Guess we'll see how this goes!