Birth Fear

Our mysterious shopper, who wished to remain anonymous, had 5 babies in her home country and had no issues with each delivery. All were normal vaginal deliveries. She had a baby in the U.S. two years ago and "they cut me because the baby's head was not coming down". She's pregnant again and seems apprehensive about what will happen this time.

There is a huge fear of c-sections here, particularly among Somali women, which translates into a fear of the hospital and of giving birth and a general sense of fear leading up to their delivery. For anyone, but particularly a person who has lived through an unreasonable amount of trauma, I believe this can be alleviated by providing her an American mentor to partner with her through her pregnancy.
"Would you like an American friend?" I asked.
"Yes, very much. That will help me."
I had a new person contact me, wanting to help out at the "San Diego branch of New Life Maternity". Haha! I told her ain't no branches here; just a garage, my husband, a volunteer - and a city full of refugee women- the way- congratulations- you are our second volunteer and I have a friend for you to meet.