Being Pregnant With Terrorists Outside the Door

Let's compare lives a little~

My first trimester: I stayed inside and relaxed on our couch, a lot. 
V's first trimester: She stayed inside because she had to barricade her family (13 month old daughter and husband) from the international terrorist group, Boko Haram, who were bombing and murdering right outside her door. Oh, and she didn't escape their brutality, as she showed me the knife marks on her hands and arms.

My second trimester: I took a "babymoon" to NYC with Mike to explore and have fun.
V's second trimester: She sold all her belongings to buy 3 one-way plane tickets out of their home in Northern Nigeria never to return. 

My third trimester: I went to an antique store with my mom, bought a chandelier, and painted it bright orange. This was my nesting project.
V's third trimester: Today, at 9 months pregnant with twin boys, she took a city bus alone, for one hour and then walked thirty minutes in the heat, to come to our garage shop, all in good faith that we would have anything that may help her out. That was her nesting project.
And somehow amidst this all- her positivity, faith, and gratitude are infectious.